Maintainable ASP.NET Web API 2 Services

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Our world is becoming more connected by the minute. The explosion of smart devices is raising the bar for developers to both create richer experiences for their users and allow them to access their data wherever they are. Web APIs provide a solution that enables HTTP-based services to be exposed in a way that makes it easier to integrate functionality with a broad variety of devices, clients, and other businesses.

ASP.NET Web API is a framework created by Microsoft that allows developers use their existing skills to create HTTP services using the .NET Framework. It provides a rich programming model that embraces HTTP instead of trying to abstract it away. It includes powerful features such as model binding, routing, and an easily configurable pipeline.

In this course, you will be introduced to some of the fundamental concepts for building HTTP services with ASP.NET Web API. We will take a look at how to leverage HTTP constructs such HTTP verbs, headers, and status codes. We will also discuss some recommendations for API design, documentation generation, and versioning.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Keep core business operations out of your ApiControllers
  • Understand the benefits of dependency injection
  • Configure and integrate popular dependency injection containers
  • Create API clients with HttpClient
  • Handle transient errors with retry strategies
  • Enable global exception handling
  • Set up automated testing for various framework components
  • Add custom logging to gather diagnostic information
  • Enable caching to improve response performance
  • Automate deployment to a hosted service
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Embrace dependency injection
44 minutes 8 Activities: Article  (2)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (5)
Use HttpClient
44 minutes 9 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (6)
Incorporate tracing and exception handling
50 minutes 13 Activities: Article  (3)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (8)
Test Web API 2 services
42 minutes 8 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (5)
Improve performance and resiliency
29 minutes 9 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (7)
Deploy your web api
23 minutes 5 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (3)
1 minute 1 Activity: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (0)  |  Video  (0)
5 minutes 1 Activity: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (0)  |  Video  (0)