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$225 USD
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9 weeks access to entire library
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Start Date:
Monday, March 11, 2013
End Date:
Thursday, March 21, 2013

Class Details:

HTML5 is a hot topic right now. Everybody wants it so you need to learn it. The problem with HTML5 is that there isn't just one "it" to learn.

What most people refer to as "HTML5" is really a family of independent specifications covering a wide range of new and exciting additions to our Web development toolbox. Some of these specifications are still changing--almost daily. Browser support varies, but there are usually fallbacks (or "polyfills") that can help bridge the gap until the browsers catch up.

This course helps to guide you through some of the more popular features or HTML5 so that you can provide a richer experience for your users.

Are you interested in generating client-side graphics using the Canvas API? Communicating in real time and in both directions between the client and server using Web Sockets? Store rich data in your users browsers with IndexedDB and actually go offline using Application Caches?

All of this and more is possible with HTML5 and a little guidance through the Web of details that you can only get from LearningLine.