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$125 USD
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Monday, April 8, 2013
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Monday, April 15, 2013

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Accepting user input in ASP.NET MVC is for developers who have dabbled with MVC but have yet to dig deep into building input forms (e. g. <form>...</form>) which accept a wide variety of user input. Or possibly you've built a few forms, but are not sure how to safely re-display untrusted user input or validate that the inputs are correct in the first place (e.g. start-date is before end-date, that sort of thing).

You will start with a quick overview of building strongly-typed views with MVC's Razor syntax. From there we will quickly move on passing data around in your MVC application including from users to controllers via URLs and routing and from controllers on to the views using view models.

Then we come to the core content of the class. We will build a variety of input forms. We will add client-side and server-side validation to these forms as well as discuss how to safely re-display potentially malicious data. Finally, we'll build a typically data-grid type of view in MVC.