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Task: Prevent errors and create better user-defined types by using const

The concept of constant appears in many programming languages. Most programmers are familiar with constant data; for example, a math library could include a symbolic constant for PI while a unit-conversion library might provide constants for the conversion factors.

The advantages of using constants are well known: It is easier to reason about the behavior of a block of code if you are sure some values will not change.

  • The compiler can help you write correct code by checking to make sure no attempt is made to change a constant.
  • Multiple threads can read a constant value without worrying about conflicting write operations.

The C++ language uses the keyword const to indicate a constant. C++ has an extremely rich notion of constant that extends far beyond the simple case of symbolic constant. In C++, many things can be marked const:

  • local variables
  • global variables
  • function parameters
  • member functions

In this task, you will explore several of the most important uses of constants in C++. You will experiment with constant objects, constant pointers and references, implement bitwise and semantic const, and code a class that is const-correct.

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