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Task: Organize your code into classes

What is OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and why do we want to do it?

As humans we use language to classify the world around us into abstract sounds and symbols. We classify things like Cats, Dogs, Apples, Students, Employees, Customers, etc. into what makes them up (properties : name, weight, etc) and what they can do (behaviors : walk, work, bark, etc).

Classes in C++ allow us to model our programs in categories of things with properties and behaviors much like we already model the world.

Traditionally with imperative languages that support subroutines, data (properties) and code (behavior) are separate, in the sense that you pass data to subroutines to operate on the data. With object oriented programming, objects manage their internal data and allow only particular operations to be performed on it. This model is closer to how our world works and can help in understanding what the software is doing.

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